Thanks, weak dollar

! According to Mayor Bloomberg, New York City had a record year in tourism in 2010, attracting 48.7 million tourists who spent $31 billion in the city. And boy, do they get what they pay for. This puts the city on track to attracting Bloomberg's goal of 50 million tourists annually by next year, and he told reporters, “The strength of our tourism industry is one of the reasons New York City was less impacted by the national recession than other cities, and it continues to be one of the reasons we’re growing faster than other cities today."

Bloomberg noted that the uptick created 6,600 more hospitality jobs in the city; George Fertitta of NYC & Co. said, “Every visitor to our city helps support our hotels, restaurants, stores and attractions and, most importantly, they help stabilize and grow our workforce." And they weren't even scared of the bedbugs. Of course any future tourists could now be too traumatized by the city's airports to even think of coming back, but if they do here's a map. If you are a tourist reading this, New York welcomes you! But please stay on your side of the sidewalk.