What better way to experience the stench of Times Square than from the seat of a pedicab, the only mode of transportation in the city where you are practically guaranteed to get swindled?

That, of course, is what happened to three ladies visiting from Michigan when they hired pedicab driver Ibraiym Denizov to cart them from their Midtown hotel to Coyote Ugly in the East Village, a 2.9-mile commute. Denizov did what any shrewd businessman looking to take advantage of Midwestern naivete would do: He charged them $500.80 for the ride. Nothing we haven't seen before.

What happened next, though, is a tale that will be handed down through generations of tourists to come. The women—Jennifer Halladay, Mary Simons and Jen Halcomb—reluctantly forked over $163.60 each, "not realizing they could call the cops," the Post reports. They went into Coyote Ugly. They drank their white wines; they shouted "Woo!" But this wasn't the last Denizov would hear from them.

Safely back in Michigan, Halladay was not content to cut her losses. She solicited help from several pedicab organizations, who sent her information she could use to appeal to Visa and PNC Bank, which she did. She was ultimately credited $153.60, and Halcomb received $123.60. Simons has not yet received credit, but still—$277 ain't bad.

The women also tracked down Denizov and reported him to the Department of Consumer Affairs. Such gumption! The only question now is which lady will be played by Piper Parabo in the Jerry Bruckheimer sleeper hit, Coyote Pedicab.