Monday night, two tourists told the police that a man had robbed them of a camcorder while they were walking in Central Park at 11:30PM, at around 74th Street and the East Drive. What guide book told them to walk around Central Park at 11:30PM, Gothamist didn't know. But it turns out that the two Norwegians made up the whole story about a black robber, and now they have been arrested for filing a false report! Espen Skotterud and Are Kjaer actually lost the camcorder and decided to claim they were robbed to have their insurance cover it. So they told police about a man threatening them at knife point and stealing their jewelry, cash and camcorder; the police reacted by searching the park for the mugger but found nothing. When police questioned them at their hostel, their stories fell apart and the jewelry and cash was found in their bags! Ha. Tourists, take heed: Just because some visitors to our fair city get in a helicopter accident, it doesn't mean that New York City can be a catch-all for blame. Skotterud and Kjaer are being arraigned today.