There was heavy police activity in midtown this morning as officers searched for a man who allegedly crept into a hotel room and tried to rob a couple of Swedish tourists. Viktor Lofgren, who had checked into the Wingate Hotel on West 35th Street last night with a friend, tells amNY he "awoke to find a man hovering over his bed" around 7:30 a.m. and quickly realized his wallet, cell phone, and watch were missing. "I woke up and he was next to my bed," Lofgren said. "I jumped on him and grabbed his arm."

A physical altercation ensued, during which the suspect allegedly told Lofgren, "You can beat me up, do whatever you want. Just don't call the police." The intruder dropped the items and ran, with Lofgren and his friend chasing him down eight floors of the hotel to the second floor, where he gave them the slip.

Police spent hours searching the hotel and surrounding area, finally locating the suspect hiding in the building next door. He was taken into custody shortly after noon, putting an end to widespread rumors that there was a "hostage situation" on the block. One bystander tells us that many people watching the scene unfold believed the crowd had gathered for a celebrity sighting.