Yesterday afternoon, a man wearing a suit and tie attacked a tourist from Barcelona who was sitting in City Hall Park. According to the Post, "Witnesses said the crazed man looked normal — until he walked up to Hugo Alejandre, 31, of Barcelona and cracked him repeatedly in the temple with the hammer’s claw end — just one inch above his left eye."

Police say the alleged assailant, John Yoos, 43, screamed "Nazi motherf--ker!" and also mentioned President Obama and former President Clinton. Alejandre was rushed to Bellevue Hospital—his skull was fractured and he also had defensive wounds.

Yoos, of Brooklyn, was held down by witnesses until police arrived. The Daily News reports he was charged with first-degree assault, criminal possession of a weapon and reckless endangerment."

Two weeks ago, a woman walking on the Upper East Side was randomly knifed in the stomach by a stranger.