The tour bus driver who was arrested for being under the influence as he plowed his Gray Line vehicle into a CitySights bus in Midtown and injured 15 people has been released from custody after he passed a drug test. "It's good to be free," William Dalambert told the Post on his way out of jail last night. "I'm innocent."

"The DA's Office is deferring any decision to prosecute until we have completed our investigation," Joan Vollero, the communications director for the Manhattan DA's Office said in a statement. "Preliminary testing for alcohol and drugs has come back negative. We are awaiting results of the full toxicology report. We are taking this matter seriously and prosecutors in the Office's Vehicular Crimes Unit are conducting a thorough investigation."

An NYPD spokesperson would not say what kind of substance Dalambert, 58, is accused of using at the time of the crash, nor would they say how officers interpreted his actions as those of someone who was intoxicated. "He showed signs of impairment," the spokesperson said.

The Times reports that 58-year-old Dalambert "has a long history of license suspensions for administration infractions." His New Jersey license has been suspended 11 times for issues like failing to pay child support or lacking insurance; none of the suspensions were related to dangerous driving.

A spokesperson for Twin America, the owner of both bus lines, told the paper that the company was "conducting a thorough internal review of our safety rules and driver protocols," and cooperating with the authorities.

Five of the 15 injuries were a result of a traffic light that fell as a result of the collision; all of the injuries were non-life threatening.