Start stockpiling Glocks, y'all—State Senator Michael Gianaris is comin' fer yer pistols! Gianaris, a Queens Democrat, is putting together legislation that would, among other things, limit New Yorkers' gun purchases to just one per month, sending the state into trembling paroxysms of gun withdrawal. New Jersey and California already have this kind of gun rationing law, which is intended to curb gun trafficking, and Gianaris's legislation would give New York the toughest gun laws in America.

“New York has more than our fair share of gun violence, and there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be leading the nation in providing for the safety of our citizens,” Gianaris told the Daily News. His bills would also limit ammunition sales, impose a 10-day waiting period for firearm purchases, and require gun buyers to take a safety course. Other measures would create a 10-day waiting period for gun purchases and require background checks on all gun sales, even transactions between a private seller and purchaser.

And the proposed gun diet doesn't stop there. The News reports that the legislature is also considering "a ban on assault weapons, a requirement for cartridge-case microstamping to help solve gun crimes, and a measure to strengthen laws providing for guns to have child-safety locks." All things considered, there's plenty here for N.R.A. lobbyists to water down before the legislation dies in committee!