water vapor image of albertoTropical depression Alberto is sort of affecting the weather here today. The storm itself will stay well to our south. It is over North Carolina at the moment and is expected to head out to sea later today. The high clouds overhead originated with Alberto and will keep temperatures down into the mid-70s today and tomorrow. Mix that tropical moisture with an upper-level disturbance and we're likely to see a thunderstorm or two pop up later today through tomorrow.

The moisture and any chance of rain is going to be pushed away by a giant high pressure system moving in from the west. Father's Day weekend is going to be sunny, dry and warm. Highs in the 80s, and maybe approaching 90 by Sunday.

Earlier in the week it looked like Alberto might affect us in a different way, by producing swells that are good for surfing but can also produce dangerous rip currents. According to the latest surf zone forecast from the Weather Service this storm doesn't look like it will have much impact on New York City or Long Island beaches. Rip currents are channeled currents of water flowing away from the shore. The water from all those waves has to return to sea. When the return flow gets channelized (Gothamist is not sure "channelized" is a word but we like it.) it speeds up and swimmers can be pulled way out beyond the breaking waves in a hurry. Last week was Rip Current Awareness Week. Gothamist was away but we know the drill if we're ever caught in the rip: 1. Don’t panic. 2. Don't swim against the current. 3. Swim parallel to shore to get out of the current.

Satellite image showing extent of Alberto's moisture trai (blue)l, and the dry air (brown) that will replace it, from the National Weather Service.