Some more choice quotes were revealed today from Joe Torre's upcoming memoir titled "The Yankee Years." The Daily News highlighted some of the former manager's blunt takes on members of his starting rotation throughout the years. While not shockingly calling Kevin Brown "a beaten man...with emotional issues," he then compares him to David Wells by saying, "The difference between (them) is that both make your life miserable, but David Wells meant to." He describes poor outings where Randy Johnson "freaked out" afterward and says that all the players "hated Carl Pavano." Torre is scheduled to talk about the book on Larry King Live this Friday and today told the Times, "I’m probably going to get more credit or more blame than I deserve, whichever way you want to look at it.” The News's Mike Lupica champions the book today calling it "tough opinions, but honest ones" and discouraging Torre "from taking a single step back."