This morning's golf weather tip from weather.com, for reasons unknown to Gothamist they think we are a golf fanatic, is: Watch for wet turf. We didn't see any turf, let alone wet turf, but we did get drenched on our crosstown walk this morning. Two-and-a-half inches of rain have fallen since last night. Half of that rain in just the past few hours. The rain, easterly winds, and rapidly melting snow across the region have led to numerous incidents of urban and small stream flooding, in turn leading to many traffic and transit delays.

The rain is from an intense, and enormous, storm that has spawned tornadoes across the South, killing at least 20 people, heavy snow over the Great Plains and Midwest, and freezing rain upstate.

The rain has largely come to an end in the city and, believe it or not, the rest of the day will be quite pleasant. We may see some light rain or a stray shower until lunch time, but the sun should be out later this afternoon. The back half of the storm arrives tomorrow. We may see a few off-and-on rain showers throughout the day, but nothing as steady as this morning's downpour, and it will be warm with a high a little above 50.

If the skies clear by sunset Saturday look to the east! The Earth will be exactly between the sun and the moon, meaning there will be a total lunar eclipse as the moon rises.

Not as warm, but no chance of rain, on Sunday. There were indications that next week would be warmer, but the tea leaves are currently pointing to a cool, dry week.

Water vapor satellite image showing the big storm (whites, blues and oranges) and wedge of dry air (browns and black) that will be here in a few hours from the National Weather Service.