The local tabloids are foaming at the mouth with the first revelations from former Yankee skipper Joe Torre's soon to be released tell-all book about his time with the team. Torre was famous for his stoicism in his decade as manager and for keeping drama to a minimum, a notable feat among the New York sports media. But initial word is that Torre's memoir lets off some steam after his unceremonious exit last year by taking swipes at ARod, GM Brian Cashman and not surprisingly, the Steinbrenners.

The Post says that Joe reveals that Rodriguez "developed a Single White Female-like obsession" with his teammate and former friend, Derek Jeter. The highest paid player in baseball apparently also asked for a personal clubhouse assistant to run errands for him. And teammates referred to the slugger who gets a bad rep for not coming through in October as "A-Fraud"!

Torre also recounts his infamous meeting with ownership following the 2007 season, where he ended up walking away from the team after they failed to offer him more than a one-year extension to continue managing the club. Torre has said that he told Cashman that he had wanted a two-year deal, but that Cashman did not pass that along to team brass. In the book, he says that he confronted Cashman about claiming in public that he wanted him back, but remaining silent once the cards were on the table at the meeting.

One of the stranger revelations that the papers report is that he writes that in 1999, team doctors revealed to owner George Steinbrenner that Torre had prostate cancer before they even told him.
Torre says that he was shocked once he found that out.

"The Yankee Years," co-written by Sports Illustrated's longtime baseball writer Tom Verducci, will be published in a little over a week on February 3rd. That same night Torre is scheduled to be on Late Night with David Letterman. He is also slated to do a few appearances at local bookstores upon its release, which will take place right before his Dodgers open up spring training in Arizona.