Forget corduroy appreciation, did you know about the Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society? It exists, and yesterday they met in Central Park with their copies of Getting Off, Choke Hold, and Quarry's Ex for an end of summer book club. But according to Runnin' Scared, who talked to a participant, the NYPD may be unaware of the legalities of baring one's breasts. She told the site:

"First a single police officer came by to ask everyone to put their tops back on, and then two more police officers came, and then four. They sounded stressed out and uncomfortable and explained that they'd 'gotten complaints' from other people in the park that there were women sunbathing topless."

To be courteous, they put their tops back on, but the police remained confused and "spent some time on their walkie-talkies, conferring with their superiors," only to find out that the topless lasses were telling the truth.

The society members are now brainstorming topless winter activities, if you have an suggestions, or a fireplace you'd like to invite them to come sit by.