Two women were arrested this morning after they took their shirts off and shouted about Donald Trump inside the Midtown polling place where Trump is scheduled to vote today.

An NYPD spokesperson confirmed that two women, ages 28 and 30, entered the polling site at PS 59 on East 56th Street around 8:50 a.m. Tuesday. Once inside, they removed their shirts and started yelling anti-Trump sentiments. "Trump, grab your balls" was written on one of the women's bare chest and stomach; the other's read "Hate out of my polls." The women were arrested without incident at the site, and charges are pending.

Video of the incident was captured by Sharon Clott Kanter, a deputy style editor at People Magazine:

According to Fox News, Trump will be voting around 10 a.m. there. "There's a line, he'll be there and then he'll part the Red Sea," a security guard told Kanter, noting Trump would skip the long lines at the polling place.