For those of you who've loaned out your last copy of An Idiot's Guide to Pimping, alleged pimp master Steve McDaniel has you covered. Suffolk County police raided McDaniel's Long Island home on Monday, arresting McDaniel and his alleged accomplice Sandra Russell on charges that they ran a prostitution and drug ring. In the home, police found a handwritten "Rules 2 Da Game of Hoez!!!" McDaniel gave to Russell, ostensibly so she wouldn't forget how to exploit and intimidate the prostitutes under her control. Rules cited in the thorough list include:

  • "Make sure you own there mind’s, body’s, and souls."
  • "Always make them need and depend on you so you have power over them. (Power is control.)"
  • "No matter how much you like or care for 1 or any of them, don’t trust none of them."
  • "Make them understand that you don’t need them they need you, and they are replaceable."
  • "Always try 2 know whatz going on (make them tell on each other)."

“Follow these rule's,” the list concludes, “and you should b Gucci.” District Attorney Thomas Spota alleges, "Defendant Russell was a master manipulator of these young women who, in exchange for their prostitution services, she provided housing, clothing, food, cell phones and what they needed most - heroin." Russell and McDaniel are allegedly ringleaders of the operation; six others were arrested on Monday on a variety of charges. Here's the full list, to enhance any feelings of sadness and dismay you may already be experiencing:


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