Although it seems like every day is a no-good day for our permanently embattled Governor, today is maybe extra-bittersweet. This morning, top strategist and chief spokesman for Gov. Paterson's election campaign Tracy Sefl announced her sudden resignation. In her statement, Sefl said it was a "privilege" to work under the Governor, and her decision was a "business one;" and City Room confirms from insiders that she left of her own accord. Could it all be so simple for Paterson's bad luck express?

WNYT reports that Sefl left on "good terms," but the Post seems to imply differently; their sources allege that the recent spat of increasingly bad news for the Governor's reelection efforts "were factors" in her decision to leave. This past week has been filled with headaches for the Governor, including allegations (and denials) of steakhouse liaisons, revelations that he is $13 million behind Attorney General Andrew Cuomo in fund raising efforts, and unflattering poll numbers (that also make his butt look big).

Meanwhile, after the Massachusetts Senate upset, Democrat insiders are more insistent than ever that the Governor not run in the next election, the Daily News reports. One elected Democrat told them that if Paterson doesn't drop out, "we are in deep s--t." That shit will, no doubt, be flaming, too.