Another of Mayor Bloomberg's top aides, Deputy Mayor Ed Skyler, will abandon his post to pursue a career in the world of finance, City Hall sources say. The 36-year-old has served eight years, starting as press secretary, but beginning in May he'll be mostly concerned with "public affairs, government relations and investor relations" at Citigroup.The mayor confirmed the departure in a statement, saying Skyler was “Never afraid of telling me what he thinks.”

Skyler disagreed when Bloomberg moved to extend term limits, introduce congestion pricing and to ban smoking in city bars and restaurants, though in both instances the aide ended up backing his man. CityRoom says Skyler was the youngest deputy mayor in city history, and "arguably the most influential." Skyler, who once foiled a mugger in Midtown, is a big Star Wars fan and was once described as being "literally [like] Batman. But most of Gotham doesn’t know how much he does as Bruce Wayne because he’s so purposefully inconspicuous."