How can you tell when your amorphous movement has made it big? When famous musicians start showing up and not just fake showing up? When it inspires protests around the world? When it starts airing commercials? Or maybe just when MTV starts sniffing around? No, you know you've made it big when random people start trying to trademark the movements name to make an easy buck. Anybody want to buy an "Occupy Wall St." hobo bag?

The Smoking Gun got its paws on the trademark application from Robert and Diane Maresca (and got them on the phone) and it's exactly what it sounds like. The couple (he's a former union ironworker, she's an occupational therapist) are trying to trademark the name because they see in it the "potential to be a global brand." And anyway, as Robert Maresca put it "If I didn’t buy it and use it someone else will."

So soon enough (even if they don't get the trademark, which they have dubious claims to) you can expect to see "Occupy Wall St." shirts, gym bags and other crap to go along with those Occupy Condoms. Yay, capitalism?