The company in charge of advertising for JFK and LaGuardia airports—JCDecaux North America—is the latest to reject PETA for one of their proposed campaigns. We're told by the animal rights organization that the pictured ad was rejected for being "too sexy." A spokesman for PETA also explained:

The ad, which PETA had hoped to display near the full-body scanners that will be installed at the two airports, shows an airport security X-ray scan of a trim woman wearing a bra and panties that are printed with the words "Be Proud of Your Body Scan: Go Vegan." Many studies have shown that eating a vegan diet helps prevent obesity and heart disease. Bob Cilia, executive vice president of sales and marketing for JCDecaux North America, told PETA that the company doesn't "accept nudity or political ads" and added that although he has seen ads that are more risqué, he was just following policy by rejecting PETA's ad.

Well, it's better than the official imagery being used for the scanners, and it's not like the model is wearing flying pasties!