Sony Vaio, one of many Sony products; Photo - SonyMarketer Al Ries claims in AdAge that Sony's heavily line extended business model is hurting their profitability.

Sony is heavily line extended. Sony puts its brand name on TV sets, videocassette recorders, digital cameras, personal computers, cellphones, semiconductors, camcorders, DVD players, MP3 players, stereos, broadcast video equipment, batteries and a host of other products.

Line extension inhibits the branding process. When a company makes and markets a broad range of products under one name, it is extremely difficult to build that name into a powerful brand.

His counterpoint is Dell, which focuses solely on computers, and turns a profit. But let's face it, Al, Dell's computers aren't as pretty as this. Granted, this Vaio is in Japan only, but you know what Gothamist is talking about.

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