2007_06_boost.jpgA Manhattan man is suing the makers of the energy drink Boost because the drink gave him a three day erection. Christopher Woods claims that he has suffered "pain, shock and mental anguish" after drinking Boost in June of 2004. He started to drink the product in order to gain weight, but a day after drinking Boost, his pains began. From the Post:

The suit says [Woods] used the "product in accordance with its intended use" - and soon had a very visible side effect.

He said the erection lasted for over three days, and his girlfriend "was in disbelief. She couldn't understand what was happening."

"It was awful. It was painful. I would always wear jeans, but it was hard to go out, so I had to buy some sweatpants," Woods said. He said his 7-year-old son asked him what was going on and "I didn't know what to tell him."

He saw a doctor and underwent a "winter shunt" - a painful procedure where a needle is used to drain blood. The suit says he experienced "persistent problems requiring a follow-up hospital visit" a week later.

After that, when faced with either an amputation or embolization, Woods decided to get an embolization, which the AP describes as, "a way of closing blood vessels. Closing off some blood flow prevents engorgement of the penis with blood and lessens the likelihood of an erection." Now, the 29-year-old cannot achieve a full erection.

Boost manufacturer Novartis had no comment.