2006_10_mayorbdga.jpgWe always knew Mayor Bloomberg was a busy guy, but a NY Times article today makes him seem especially crunched for time. The article's first sentence says it all:

New York City’s bid to land the 2008 Democratic National Convention is in jeopardy because Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg is spread so thin with fund-raising commitments that he may not be able to raise the money from private donors needed to pay for it, an official said on Thursday.

No kidding! The Mayor is now head of the World Trade Center Memorial Foundation, and one of his officials anonymously told the Times there were "serious concerns" about whether the city could raise $85 million for the convention (back in 2004, the city promised the GOP $73 million). Hmm, maybe Mayor B better scale back on his fundraising efforts for people like the Governator - Ahnold will be in NYC next week.

What's interesting are the pros and cons the Democrats face in choosing between Denver and NYC for the convention. Denver is attractive for its geographic locale, but doesn't have as many hotel rooms. NYC has lots of resources for conventions - and it might be nice for a certain junior Senator from NY in 2008 - but New Yorkers might be tired from the 2004 events.