ir_0209.jpgA Nor'easter is going to form this evening as a storm currently over the Ohio Valley moves out to sea. The Hub of the Universe may get a lot of thick falling snow but our backwater of a burgh will be too far away from the center of the storm to see much action. We may get an inch or two of snow tomorrow, but expect rain tonight. The rain and snow won't last long and we should have decent weather for a parade or looking at orange fabric in Central Park. Please do not blame Gothamist, but AccuWeather is predicting the return of cold weather late next week.

Gothamist loves a tawdry story of embezzlement as much as anyone. We love them even more when they involve the weather. The NY Times is reporting today that a former official of the World Meteorological Organization, a UN organization based in Geneva, is being accused of stealing $3 million from that organization. He's disappeared, a woman claiming to be his widow even though there's no evidence he's died, has tried to claim his pension. Gothamist once fell asleep while attending a presentation by the now former Secretary General of the WMO, who has also disappeared.