2006_01_weatherwindow.jpgA Bronx woman's 2 year old daughter died in their cold apartment - and the mother is blaming it on the lack of heat. Accoding to the Daily News, Jasmine Morales says that her apartment was so cold that she wrapped her baby Jaylee in "a large, heavy fleece blanket in her bassinet," and now she thinks Jaylee suffocated. Morales says she made numerous complaints, including calling 311 and contacting Bronx borough president Adolfo Carrion's office about it, but her building's management company claims that she only made one complaint, and was not there the two times someone showed up to fix the issue. Gothamist thinks this is terrible, but the building's management should tread lightly when dealing with a grieving mother.

The ME's office is examining the baby's death. The Daily News rans this photograph of Morales yesterday; she said the Housing Authority gave it to her sister to cover windows, which seemed callous given the child's death, but now it turns out it was in response to a broken window complaint. And the city's heating requirements: Buildings must be heated if it's below 55 degrees during the day (6AM-10PM) and below 40 degrees at night (10PM-6AM).

Photograph from the Daily News