Good bye, fall TV season, for one night: It's Presidential Debate Time! The first debate happens tonight in Miami, because if stuff if going to get all crazy and confused in a presidential way, it's gotta be in Florida. If only there was Miamist. President Bush's and Senator Kerry's aides have been getting things ready, like making sure the lighting is flattering and not too shiny. Of course, the candidates have it pretty easy, given the stupid agreement they crafted. These are the men that are supposed to lead us? Pshaw.

You'll be able to read transcripts at the Commission on Presidential Debates, but you can read old transcripts there, like Lloyd Bentsen telling Dan Quayle he's no JFK and the Bush Perot Clinton ones. Check out the NY Times' Campaign 2004 section. And Gothamist appreciates that Jason Kottke took the time to put together the Voters Information Guide, which is a helpful look at how to vote.