We just received a message from the NASA Solar System Ambassador for New York City, in preparation of NASA's big announcement tomorrow regarding an "astrobiology finding." And as anyone with Google knows, that pretty much means THE ALIENS ARE HERE. (Perhaps that is why the sky looked so creepy and foreboding this afternoon.) Really though, they are here... in fact, you are probably friends with aliens on Facebook!

There are already speculations regarding what tomorrow evening's press conference might be about exactly, but let's stick to the known elements for now. The Telegraph reports that researchers will unveil the discovery of a microbe that can live in an environment previously thought too poisonous for any life-form to survive." They say NASA may touch upon the "discovery of 'shadow' creatures which exist in tandem with our own" that could "develop into intelligent creatures such as humans."

The microbe in question was found at the bottom of Mono Lake in California's Yosemite National Park, where the creature has somehow used arsenic to survive—as one astrobiologist said, "They're aliens, but aliens that share the same home as us."

Watch the announcement—which will also feature some news about Saturn moon Titan—tomorrow at 6 p.m., it will be streaming here. Trust no one, may the force be with you, etc.