2006_06_biketrafficlight.jpgTransportation Alternatives is organizing a rally at City Hall tomorrow at 9AM to "urge Mayor Bloomberg to protect the city's growing number of cyclists." In the past few weeks, there have been three bicyclist deaths and one bicyclist injury from cars. From their press release:

Like the Mayors of London, Paris, Chicago and other world class cities that have recently unveiled comprehensive plans to make bicycling safe and a viable mode of everyday travel for all, Mayor Bloomberg must get serious about making New York City a safe place to bike. The City's "Bicycle Master Plan" is ten years old and only 15% complete. It is devoid of targets, timetables and design standards that cities like London and Chicago are using to make streets safe for the growing number of people who cycle and want to cycle.

To prevent future tragedies, City Hall must modernize New York City's bike plan to include:
- A new updated "New York City Bicycle Master Plan"
- A timetable to implement this bike safety/encouragement plan
- Specific targets to increase the rate of bike riding and reduce the
number of bicycle crashes
- Modern street design standards for the safest types of on- and
off-street bike paths
- Heightened enforcement of laws against drivers who endanger cyclists
- Specific targets to put every New Yorker within a half-mile of a bike lane or path
- Increased street hazard inspection on heavily-cycled streets by
bike-borne DOT inspectors
- Proactive safety measures like "anti-dooring" stickers in taxicabs to remind drivers and passengers to look for cyclists before opening their doors
- The reinstatement of a public bicycle advisory committee

The sad thing is that Transportation Alternatives had a year ago after three other bike-related deaths.

There will be a memorial ride for the late bicyclists tomorrow night, starting at 6:30PM at the West Side Greenway and 42nd Street.

Photograph of a Greenway bike traffic light from Triborough on Flickr