Note to all mixologists: Tomato juice does not go well with X-ray machines. Especially when the X-ray machines are part of the screening process at LaGuardia Airport, where thousands of passengers are waiting to be checked out.

WCBS 2 found out that security screening at LaGuardia was a lot slower than usual (and it can be really slow already!) because someone spilled tomato juice on an X-ray machine yesterday: "The Transportation Safety Administration confirmed the spill knocked out one of the five units that screen thousands of passengers here each day." And when WCBS 2 told travelers that's why they were waiting, their reactions ranged from "That's insane" to "It makes one very sad and very worried."

The TSA said a vendor spilled the drink and added, "That's the risk you take when you deal with technology." Well, technology and people who refuse to use sippy cups!

Here's the TSA's latest thoughts on liquids during air travel. And which airport screening do you think is worse, LaGuardia, Newark or JFK? And we've looked at some great Bloody Marys around the city before.