Last week, western NY billionaire, former gubernatorial candidate and owner of the Buffalo Sabres Tom Golisano announced he was changing his legal address to Florida, to avoid paying about $4.75 million more a year in taxes, thanks to the state's increased taxes for higher income brackets. Yesterday, he told reporters he was frustrated with the State Senate Democrats (he backed quite a few of them during the election) for passing the measures, "One or two of those senators could have said, ‘Wait a minute, we'd better take a look at this budget.' A 9 percent increase in a recession. But none of them had the fortitude to do that, which is absurd." Golisano added, "Nobody wants to leave New York. Just economically, it makes so much sense to leave it, and that's because of the irresponsible government we've had." Still, the State Department of Taxation and Finance tells the Buffalo News, "If you’re a nonresident making money in New York, you are going to pay taxes to some extent." The Buffalo News points out that Golisano is dating Monica Seles (ewww), also splits her time in NY and Florida.