From Best Week Ever Blog, details on Tom Cruise's NYC trip next week for the premiere of Mission: Imossible 3. BWEB calls it's "shock and awe, up close and personal!" and it's no joke. Here's a map and how the afternoon and evening will work:

2:30PM - Helicopter arrives at the North Cove Helipad (5 North End Avenue)
3-5PM - Screening of MI3 at 19 Rector Street
5PM - Speedboat from the South Cove (98 Battery Place) that goes uptown
5:15-5:30PM - Speedboat lands at a pier at 135th and Riverside
5:45PM - Drives sports car to the MI3 screening at the Apollo Theater (253 West 125th)
8PM - Takes a private 2/3 train from Lennox Avenue and West 125th to midtown
8:30PM - Heads to the screening at the Ziegfeld (141 West 54th Street)

There's always a chance the itinerary will change now that it's out, but really, this is like him just posing in one of the trains at the Transit Museum - cheap! They'll probably stock the car full of Scientologists so it looks like a regular subway.

Tom Takes Manhattan on May 3 - prepare by watching the Muppets Take Manhattan. Or Independence Day.