2008_11_bridge2.jpgJust because congestion pricing didn't pass doesn't mean that tolls aren't possible on East River crossings: WCBS 2 reports that the MTA is considering tolling all Brooklyn, Manhattan, Williamsburg, and 59th Street Bridges in order to deal with its huge budget gaps. Transportation engineer Sam Schwartz points out, "We already have tolls at the Battery Tunnel, Midtown Tunnel, the Triborough Bridge let's put pricing on all of the crossings in between... People coming into the city should be paying for some of the service they get." Tolling the four bridges might raise $1 billion; another possibilitiy is "to have tolls only during morning and evening rush hours." And about congestion pricing...given the city's financial picture, "A top transit source told CBS 2 HD the mayor's full congestion pricing plan is also back on the table. " Snap!