2008_01_judirudyorl.jpgRudy Giuliani's poor showing in the presidential campaign has plenty of people giving their opinions on why it all went wrong.

Bronx residents gave the NY Times an earful about the former mayor ("I was waiting for this moment — he stinks...Giuliani was always for himself, never for the people.") while the Daily News reported on the "hick" comments of Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa, who said, "The New York lifestyle hasn't gone over [in] some places. It seemed like the more people got acquainted with him, the less they liked him."

In fact, Grassley's comments made people quasi-defend Giuliani; former Mayor Ed Koch said, "Rudy did not project New York. He projected his own personality, which was more than insensitive, it was ruthless. New Yorkers are pussycats. We're not ruthless. Most of the children from [Iowa] come here to live because of the freedom and anonymity."

But the best comment comes from Guy Molinari, co-chair of Rudy's NYC committee; he told the Staten Island Advance:

"It was the damn strategy that they adopted. I mean, [that] was the dumbest thing that I ever saw," said Molinari of the decision to largely forgo campaigning in the early-voting states in favor of the later, delegate-rich ones.

"It was a very, very bad political decision. I mean, he was ruined before he started," the former borough president fulminated.

And some are suggesting that Giuliani's third wife Judith Nathan may have played a role in Rudy's 2008 campaign demise and that Bernard Kerik will now take a plea. We're wondering if Judi will stay with Rudy.