A New York City tokenNew Yorkers always thinks they are the most clever, and the people who, upon hearing that the subway fare would be increased, thought they'd get the best of the MTA by buying tons of tokens at $1.50 and using them when the fare was $2.00. Little did they realize that tokens would no longer be accepted period. The Daily News examines these people and the problem of redeeming the tokens for cash.

The Transit Museum gets it token on, by selling token keychains, cufflinks, t-shirts, and ties, plus a five-token commemorative set for $19.95.

Gothamist likes tokens as well as Token, especially in the Lord of the Rings episode. But this much is true: If there is some day when there is Gothamist spawn, the little brats would probably be subway buffs like the ones Randy Kennedy mentions today's Tunnel Vision column.