Remember that cautionary tale about not letting anyone use the break room microwave, lest they turn out to be robbers who tie you up and carry out nefarious crimes? As it happens, the moral of that story appears to be totally different than what we suspected—the MTA worker who claimed a token booth thief tied her up when she agreed to let him use the break room was allegedly in on the robbery.

Clerk Tracy King originally told investigators that she was approached by a man who appeared to be an MTA contractor around 10:30 a.m. on Saturday at the 111th St. 7 train station in Corona. The man asked if he could use the microwave in the break room, and she agreed. But when she emerged from the booth, he pulled out a gun and tied her up. King was unharmed, but the suspect and his accomplice absconded with some $7,000 from the token booth.

Now investigators say King, a token booth worker for 15 years, has admitted she planned the robbery with one Anthony Brown, whose fingerprints were found at the scene. Police sources tell the Daily News that Brown has eight prior arrests for aggravated harassment and assault. They arrested him at his girlfriend's home, and King was arrested shortly after midnight today on charges of grand larceny, defrauding government and conspiracy.

A third accomplice remains at large, but police say most of the money has been recovered. Still, we stand by our blanket warning regarding strangers using the break room microwave, or strangers using any microwave, for that matter.