An ambitious Hell's Kitchen high school principal decided to switch his school's normal laminated bathroom hall passes with toilet plungers last month (we assume it was a move to inspire the next generation of Marios and Luigis). But it turns out that handing out wooden weapons to a bunch of riled up sacks of hormones was not such a good idea: “The kids were using the plungers to whack each other, to pop ceiling tiles in the bathroom,” a source told the Post about the school. “They were sticking it in the toilet and then flinging them across the classroom.”

Second-year Principal Brendan Lyons enacted the changes at the High School of Graphic Communication Arts. The staff claim they weren't given any reason for the change, but once the DOE learned about what was happening, they requested the school to replace the plungers immediately: “This is clearly not condoned by DOE, and we put a stop to it,” said DOE spokeswoman Margie Feinberg. “We are investigating and considering next steps.”

The school, which was given an “F” grade in 2011 and was almost overhauled last summer, has had lots of problems with class schedules this year. Many students said the schedules have been changed several times since the start of the school year, resulting in them missing classes they didn't know they were in. So in several ways, it sounds like the school is really (get ready for it) headed for the dumps.