Train of Toilet Terror

A postscript about the cellphone in Metro North train toilet story appeared in the Times yesterday. You know what happened, a cellphone's owner decided to retreive his phone from the toilet, only to get his arm stuck and delay many commuters as firefighters needed to cut the toilet in half to get his arm out. Anyway, Metro North had contemplated charging Edwin Gallart the cost of the toilet ($3,000), but has ultimately decided against it. As a spokesperson told the Times, "The expense of trying to recover, we believe, would be economically unfeasible." Perhaps, but if Metro North decided to prorate over a two years, like a two year cellphone contract, that would be an additional $225 a month, which is sadly, sometimes, very much like our cellphone bills some months. Damn letting the minutes slip away when we're having so much fun chatting and text messaging everywhere.