Gothamist was glad that in the same Friday issue where Cynthia Nixon was on the cover (today, we saw a bag lady reading a crumpled version she retrieved from a trashcan; she was very very engrossed), the Daily News had time for some hard-hitting human interest stories. Like this story about an Upper West Side 18 month-old whose head was stuck on her potty. Little Katie Chang had been playing with a plastic potty (clean, we surmise) and the playing just went too far. Her nanny and doorman couldn't get it off her head, so they called her dad who works on Wall Street. Her dad arrived and ended up calling 911. Luckily, the firefighters were able to take the potty off her head with wire cutters. The day after, the Daily News visited the Changs with a new potty for Katie.

At first, Gothamist was surprised such a little kid had her own potty, but apparently 18 months is an appropriate age to start potty training - which means having a potty around the house so the kid is comfortable around it. Who knew? And the FDNY said, "It's no embarrassment when it's an emergency. He [the father] called 911, and it turned out to be the best call he could make." Yes, Gothamist can't help but emphasize that - even when you're 28 and your head gets stuck on a plastic potty.

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Photo from the Daily News