A two-year-old girl was shot in the leg yesterday outside the same apartment complex where a mother of seven was fatally shot in the head. Witnesses at the O'Dwyer Gardens Houses on West 35th street say after a group of kids robbed another child, the victim's friends came looking for revenge. Shots rang out around 10 p.m., leaving two-year-old Jayleen Jones with a bullet in her right leg. Jones' aunt said, "She was riding her bike around the bullets came flying."

Jones was rushed to Lutheran Medical Center, where she is being treated for non-life threatening injuries. But witnesses say about 30 children were playing in the courtyard at the time. One witness said, "The same people are doing the same things here day in and day out. I don't understand this violence. There were 13 shots fired, and there's kids out here playing." Police found a pistol in a nearby parking lot, but no arrests have been made yet.