A Bronx dad had to literally stomp a Husky off his toddler son as the boy was being brutally attacked by the dog more than twice his size while the pooch's owner idly watched nearby. 32-year-old Jeremiah Kendall tells the Daily News how he briefly took his eyes off of his 3-year-old son Kamrin Thursday night around 9 while in front of their Hunts Point home, only to turn around and see the 120-pound unleashed white Husky on him. He says, "My son's face was full of blood. I saw cuts on his eyes, face and nose." The older Kendall had to jump in, kicking the dog and even punching it in the face to get it off of his son. Animal control ended up putting the dog down, while its owner, 23-year-old Louis Delez, is facing charges for reckless endangerment. The News has a heartbreaking photo of young Kamrin as he recovers at Lincoln Hospital. Mr. Kendall did not sound too thrilled with Delez, telling the paper, "He was closer to the dog than me. I'm upset he didn't do anything."