Bronx mom Nadia Maklad took her 3-year-old daughter to Montefiore Medical Center on October 7th because she had a rash, and came home with a child who may have contracted HIV. Maklad was talking with a doctor when her daughter Hailey "came over crying and bleeding from her belly and hand," the Post reports. The girl had gotten pricked with dirty needles that were allegedly left in an open bin on the floor of a clinic, and now she's been "violently ill" from the side effects of the HIV medication.

Taking HIV medication immediately after being pricked by a dirty needle is standard protocol, but naturally the child's family is freaking out. "She went in for one thing and came out worse. How could this happen?" asks a distraught Maklad. According to the tabloid, the family is now waiting to see if the girl got infected with HIV! (It can take up to six months for the virus to show up on blood tests.) In the meantime—you guessed it—they're planning their lawsuit.