A 3-year-old boy playing the game "Subway Surfers" on his mother's iPhone received an important life lesson about How People Suck yesterday when a homeless man snatched the coveted gadget away from him. Aidan Talley was playing the game while his mother shopped for tennis shoes a few feet away in a Greenwich Village store. Seeing his mother was distracted, police sources tell the Post that one Feliberto Ramirez, 53, swooped in and snatched the device.

But here's the thing: Ramirez is no thief—police say he gave Aidan three dollars by way of compensation before politely saying, "Thank you," and going on his way. Aidan's mother and a witness gave chase, but Ramirez escaped, and allegedly sold the iPhone in the Bronx for $50. (A $47 profit—totally worth it!) Using GPS, police were able to track it down and then find Ramirez, who by that point was back downtown at a homeless shelter on the Bowery. He's charged with Grand Larceny and Shattering the Snowy-White Innocence of a Child.