A two-year-old was tragically beaten to death on Friday night in his Bed-Stuy apartment after allegedly refusing to recite the alphabet for his mother's boyfriend. The child, Aiyden Davis, was pronounced dead on arrival at Interfaith Medical Center after suffering blunt-impact injuries to his head, torso and extremities, a lacerated liver and internal bleeding. Both his mother, Theresa Davis, and her boyfriend, Reggie Williams, have been arrested.

Williams was reportedly watching the child, and sources said he "appeared to be drinking vodka" at the time. Theresa Davis' aunt, Pamela, called three times during the night. Early in the night Williams said he spanked Aiyden for not saying the alphabet, and later he kept repeating, "I’m so sorry, P., I’m so sorry." Pamela said, "I didn't understand until this morning: He killed him. He got on the phone telling me he was sorry because he already killed my nephew." She also said Aiyden had previously admitted that Williams beat him.

The child was allegedly throwing up and the house was splattered with blood when EMTs arrived. Theresa Davis was charged with assault, possession of a weapon and endangering the welfare of a child after a medical examiner found that many of Aiyden's bruises were old, and she admitted to beating him with a belt if he acted up or cried. Reggie Williams was charged with second-degree murder. In July, the ACS launched the "Urging Parents To Be Careful About Who Watches Their Children" campaign, three months after a man allegedly punched his 7-year-old child to death.