The NJ father who gave his children Nazi-themed names gave an interview with MyFoxNY, to decry his family's treatment by the state authorities. Heath Campbell complained that his children were removed from their home only because of their names—and that the state isn't taking care of his kids.

Three-year-old Adolf HItler Campbell became (in)famous when his father told the media that a local Shop-Rite wouldn't inscribe a third birthday cake with "Happy Birthday, Adolf Hitler" (the supermarket would only write "Happy Birthday" and leave room for the parents to finish the inscription). As it turned out, the tot's younger siblings were named JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell, and the family and their desired cake became an topic of national discussion. More recently, the children were removed from their parents, apparently over safety concerns.

Campbell and wife Deborah saw their kids for the first time, since they were taken, on Monday, and Campbell was aghast at their conditions, noting that one baby's diaper was leaking and that the kids' hair was in knots. He said there was no evidence of abuse, "They don't know us. If they lived in our home, they wouldn't take our kids away."

MyFoxNY noted that Campbell was speaking in violation of a gag order; he said, "Enough's enough. I can't take no more. Whether they jail me or not, I don't care. These are my children." The hearing over the children has not been held yet because the Campbells are waiting for a court-appointed attorney. The Campbells have also accused local authorities of harassing them.