A two-year-old girl was tragically killed by an SUV driving down 211th Street in Queens yesterday after she strayed into the street while her grandmother and aunt's backs was turned. Neighbor and witness Yvonne Mckenzie called 911 after she saw the girl, Shamira Zaman, lying in the street and heard her family's screams. She told the Post, "Then they picked her up and put her on the grass. I saw the baby lying there. There was a little blood on her right forearm and right wrist but it wasn’t much. Then I ran inside and called 911."

Another Good Samaritan rushed to help Zaman, and began performing CPR on her. Mckenzie said, "He said there was a heartbeat, so she must have been alive." Zaman was then rushed to Queens Hospital Center, where she was pronounced dead. The driver, a 55-year-old woman, remained at the scene, reportedly screaming, "Why me, God?" Mckenzie said the girl's family "was screaming, saying, 'Allah!' putting their hands in the prayer position." The driver was not charged with a crime.