A 3-year-old autistic boy has survived after falling either three or four stories from his family's apartment at 1062 Huntington Avenue in Schuylerville last night. His fall was cushioned by surrounding trees, and State corrections Officer Jay Mandel, who lives in the same building, heard the crash and found the child. He was taken to Jacobi Hospital for treatment of non life-threatening injuries.

The boy fell through a window in his parent's bedroom—the one window which didn't have a safety guard, according to officials. The boy's parents, both housing cops, say the room is usually locked, but their son still managed to get inside. One neighbor told the Post, "The mother was hysterical. The baby was in his diaper, bleeding from his mouth ...[But] he was crying nice and strong. He was alive. The ambulance got there in time."

This is the second time in a week that a toddler has fallen from a window in the Bronx. Three days ago, 4-year-old Malachi Johnson fell to his death from the 23rd story of a Co-op city building. The investigation into the incident is ongoing.