A toddler died early Sunday morning after tumbling from the window of a sixth floor Bronx apartment.

Two-year-old Naydven Santos was in the care of his grandmother when he climbed onto a kitchen chair around 4:20 a.m., leaned out the window and fell out, landing on the roof of the building's south entrance, the Daily News reports. A neighbor told the tabloid the child's parents were out for the night, and his grandmother was asleep in another room.

Santos was rushed to Lincoln Hospital, but doctors were unable to save him. The incident was preliminarily classified as a "tragic accident" by cops, and no family members are likely to be charged. The News reports that Naydven’s building "appeared to have proper window guards, which landlords are required to install and inspect — but it is unclear if the bars failed or if Naydven simply climbed over them."

Naydven's death is just the latest in a long series of horribly sad fatal child falls from open NYC windows. Building owners are legally required to install window guards in any residence where there are children under the age of 10, and install the guards in any unit where they are requested.