A three-year-old girl brought a backpack stuffed with 14 bags of marijuana into a Harlem day care center, according to police, and teachers say they discovered the weed when the child started smelling of it.

According to authorities, the three-year-old brought the marijuana in a Minnie Mouse backpack into an Early Life center in Harlem on West 147th Street. Around 1 p.m., teachers started to smell the weed on her, and one opened up the backpack to find the contraband before calling the cops. "My nephew goes here, my daughter goes to school around the corner - that's just crazy," parent Fatima Mohammed told ABC News. "Where did they get it from? How did they get out of the house with it?"

Cops, who described the stash as "substantial," later arrested the toddler's cousin, 24-year-old Kelly Mena. They believe Mena put the weed, which was wrapped in sandwich bags, in her backpack and forgot about it. Meanwhile, parents say teachers declined to tell them about the incident on Friday. "This place has been around for a long time, it's shocking," parent Shenice Robinson told ABC News. The 3-year-old is now believed to be in the care of welfare authorities.