NY Jets

, you're totally confusing Gothamist. The Jets President, Jay Cross, was speaking at a sport conference at the Waldorf yesterday. He fumed about the way NY wheels and deals, compared to Toronto and Miami, where he's built other stadiums. The NY Post notes his words:

"New York is a nasty place. People do business in hard ways...Toronto is a city of good government and clean streets and a lot of process. Miami is a city of politics, the streets aren't quite so clean. And it's a lot of politics...[In New York you] have a century of politics, starting with the gangs of New York, Tammany Hall and Robert Moses. As New York has evolved, it has gotten to be extraordinarily complex...When you look at building these things — has anyone bought an apartment in New York recently? I mean, holy smokes. You know, that's why we're talking a nearly $2 billion facility."

Gothamist is tempted to say, "Then don't come here, doofus," but the Post says that Cross did call them to say he "didn't intend to 'impugn' New Yorkers," but simply wanted to make a point. Hey, Cross, you're playing in the big leagues and your organization supposedly wants to play with the big boys. As much as Toronto and Miami are fine cities, there's no reason why New York should be anything like them, so get over it. The other funny thing about Cross's remarks were that he praised Cablevision for being tough adversaries and protecting their turf. It's totally the Jets vs. the Sharks, except with more money, less knives and singing.

In other stadium news, it looks like Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion has been trying to curry favor from both sides of the stadium issue while Attorney General Eliot Spitzer says a stadium can wait. Curbed looks at the how the West Side stadium and the Brooklyn Nets arena deals are actually similar. Finally, since the prospect of NYC hosting the 2012 Olympics is very much contingent on a West Side Stadium, Gothamist would like to remind being against an Olympics bid (or the bid's logo) isn't just a New York thing: Here's the Parisian anti-Olympics site, paris-2012.fr.st, just in time for the IOC's visit to Gay Paree. And their anti-Olympics logo is so clever!


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