NYC will see a high of 85 degrees today, with a "slight" chance of showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon after 1 p.m. But conditions will be generally sunny and sticky and hot throughout the rest of the day, with a 95% chance of your coworkers complaining about how the office is "freezing."

Gothamist's regular weather analyst Joe Schumacher is out this week, but he tells us today's hot and humid weather is a side-effect of what was tropical storm Ana making her way up the coast. Yet tonight and Wednesday are expected to be "at least 20 degrees cooler and windy as the cold front associated with the tornadoes in Texas and Oklahoma moves through... If it doesn't rain, Wednesday will be three weeks since the last time rain was recorded at Central Park."

Tonight's low could dip as far down as 57 degrees, and on Wednesday the high will only reach 66, which sounds fucking fantastic. The National Weather Service is calling for cooler weather to continue and a chance of rain Friday night, Saturday and Sunday, but that sounds like good Mad Max: Fury Roadwatchin' weather to us.

Today's pollen forecast is still NOPE: