2008_05_vitof.jpgRepresentative Vito Fossella still has not uttered a peep about whether he's going to resign or stay on as a member of Congress in the wake of his DWI arrest and admission of having a love child and girlfriend in Virginia. But here's what's happening since yesterday!

  • His crisis consultant says, "Congressman Fossella appreciates the support of so many people, including Guy Molinari, but he has not made any decision yet. And he continues to spend time with his family."
  • The Daily News reports the feds are investigating a trip Fossella made to France in January 2003. It's suspected he may have traveled with girlfriend Laura Fay--and the House is also looking into Fossella's various trips (Fay had been military liaison to the House).
  • The GOP is anxious and is expecting his resignation as early as today, however WNBC's Jay DeDapper writes that a NY Republican says the Staten Island GOP "Staten Island GOP is like a 'mob family' and that it will do what it (and Fossella) wants."
  • Newsday reminds everyone that in 1987, married-with-four children Bronx state senator--and county GOP chair--Guy Velella admitted to having a love child with an Albany girlfriend AND "won reelection eight times over the next 17 years."
  • And Fossella's court appearance scheduled for today has been postponed.