Earlier this afternoon, an A/C power outage along the 7 line caused service to stop in both directions. Apparently one of the signals went out at 1:35PM, and the MTA wasn't completely sure when it would be fixed. Other parts of the 7 came back and now, thankfully, 7 service is back and running in time for the rush hour.

And earlier this morning, reader Faye tells us about her horrible commute from the Bronx this morning. At the Pelham Parkway station, commuters were stranded because of a problem at East 180th Street. And then the MTA sent shuttle buses:

A lot of people like myself were stuck waiting for buses for over an hour. A lady I overheard came from Gunhill Rd and the 2 trains dropped everyone at Pelham Parkway to find a bus for another train station and she waited 2 hours and decided to go home. I took the express bus where I had to deal with a long line that extended around the block. Three express buses showed up and people were skipping and one old man was cursing. I was supposed to be at work at 9:30 but I ended up getting there at 11:30 instead.

Yeah, people are going to be in good moods when talking about fare hikes.